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Managed Security

How important is your business data to you?
How Secure Are You?
Are you confident enough in your technology security, threat identification, and prevention status not to worry about a breach, ransomware, or cyberattack? You cannot simply establish a value for your data, but you can take measures to protect yourself from risk. Our clients turn to our managed security services to identify and shore up weaknesses, gain security expertise, and train their staff to improve security awareness and prevent intrusions.


Every 2 seconds

It is expected there will be a new attack on a consumer or business every two seconds by 2031.

– Cybersecurity Ventures

Continuous Security Oversight

Our managed security services offer continuous oversight 24/7/365. Handling your critical security needs independently requires a significant investment in money, manpower, and security expertise.

We conduct regular vulnerability and penetration testing, perform security scans routinely, and manage other security functions for your organization. We also deliver security awareness training to you and your staff, your most significant security vulnerability.

How We Works

We’ll conduct a discovery meeting to understand your business security requirements and concerns. We’ll then schedule a technical specialist to visit your location(s), conduct a security assessment, and conduct scans and penetration testing with our noninvasive tools and processes to identify internal and external vulnerabilities that should be addressed and data that should be encrypted.

We’ll also identify if your business data, email accounts, or passwords have been compromised and are available on the Dark Web.

Once we’ve collected this threat intelligence, we’ll analyze it to develop a strategy to harden and secure your infrastructure, devices, platforms, and services from external attacks and continually monitor your systems for rapid threat detection. From there, we’ll create an ongoing security awareness training and testing program to educate your staff on identifying and avoiding electronic and socially engineered security threats. 

Discovery Meeting

Security Assessment

Analysis, Remediation and Training Plan

Pain Points Solved

Protect Against Electronic Security Risks

Secure your infrastructure, devices, platforms, and services against security threats.

Increase Productivity and Innovation

A strong security posture increases business productivity and accelerates innovation.

Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards

Achieve regulatory and industry security compliance with hardened security.ecks hampering productivity for once.

Increase Staff Security Awareness

Employees are the weakest link in your business security; ongoing security awareness training and testing will strengthen your defenses.

Implementation Timeline

Once we’ve agreed to engage, a security discovery meeting can be scheduled within two weeks. Following our discovery meeting, we can schedule an onsite security assessment within the following week.  

Our onsite security assessments can usually be completed in 2 days for a typical small office location. It will take us approximately a week to analyze the information gathered during the discovery meeting and the technology assessment. We’ll be able to meet with you the following week to deliver our findings and recommendations.


Using Managed Services to Drive Efficient IT

Managed Security

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