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Time for a new phone system? Revolutionize your communications and save money.

Join the Communications Revolution!

With a voice-over-IP phone solution, you can achieve maximum accessibility for company, client, and vendor communications and save costs. Enjoy features like Unified Messaging, where all your voicemails are delivered to your email inbox or messaging app. You can retrieve or forward Find and Follow Me to others, where your calls can ring at your office, cell, home office, or remote location phone when traveling, increasing your and your staff’s availability.You can place and receive calls from your Internet or Cellular connected device and apps anywhere in the world!



The average cost savings for companies switching to VoIP.

– Telzio

Achieve Maximum Communications Accessibility with our VoIP Solutions

Any opportunity that dramatically improves your company’s internal and external business communications is a real game changer. A future-proof VoIP solution can grow top-line revenue by increasing your sales team’s accessibility to prospects and clients and bottom-line profitability by improving internal company communication and collaboration.

Telecommunication professionals predict the demise of the traditional landline phone system as more calls are made via WI-FI. 

VoIP is expanding and replacing traditional PBX phone systems as businesses recognize the benefits of lower costs, added features, and increased efficiency.

How it Works

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a way of converting analog audio signals (like what you hear when you talk on the phone) into digital data that can be transmitted and received over the Internet, allowing this data to be used in the same way most electronic data can today; in applications and systems, and enabling new features never before possible.

How is this useful to business? VoIP can transform an Internet connection anywhere on the planet into a way to place free phone calls. Whether you’re using a network-connected VoIP telephone handset or your WI-FI or Cellular-connected Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop, the practical benefits include the ability to use VoIP software and apps to make Internet phone calls, bypassing the phone company (and its charges) entirely while dramatically improving communications accessibility.

Simply put, VoIP is a “better mousetrap,” enabling exceptional new availability, collaboration, and accessibility features and real cost savings.

Pain Points Solved

Save on Traditional Phone Company Costs

Making calls using your business, home office, or public WI-FI eliminates the need for traditional phone service and its fees.ff.

Ensure Business Continuity During Disaster

Eliminate your traditional on-premise phone system and benefit from improved business continuity thanks to VoIP’s Cloud architecture.

Maximize Accessibility and Collaboration

Improve client and staff engagement with numerous ways to receive calls on multiple devices and innovative features like Find Me and Follow Me.

Store and Forward Important Messages

Store and forward essential messages using traditional platforms to delegate follow-up to others or for compliance and posterity.


To deliver our Voice over IP Solution, we prepare and provision your company account and services for each staff member. Next, we set up your online VoIP portal for each user and complete the final configuration to ensure we have enabled each user’s specific features per your requirements. We then ask you to test your new VoIP solution to ensure everything works as expected. This first phase of implementation should take no longer than two weeks.

Once you have tested and approved your new VoIP solution, we will engage with your current telecommunications provider to schedule the transfer of your existing telephone numbers to your VoIP service and manage the cutover. This final phase of the migration is scheduled to not interfere with normal business operations and can occur as soon as final testing is complete.


Provision your environment to configure your VoIP solutions and online platform. Depending upon the size of your organization, this could vary from several days to several weeks.

STEP TWO: Testing

Test all systems and features. This process begins in earnest after provisioning and allows you to evaluate and report anything that isn’t working as expected so that we can remediate it. This could take several days to several weeks.


Services cutover and go-Live This phase is scheduled once the system has been thoroughly tested and we receive your authorization to migrate your phone numbers from your existing provider to your new VoIP service. It typically takes 24 hours.


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