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Manufacturing Technology is Taking Strides

Manufacturers have been one of the most notorious adopters of innovative technology, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. If the goal is to use technology to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, then of course manufacturers will look to implement it, especially when the cost of doing business is increasing. Let’s look at some of the ways the latest technology has helped manufacturers over time.

Enhanced Digitization

Manufacturers are responsible for turning materials into consumer goods or the components found therein. To aid in this process, manufacturers have turned to digitization, or using digital services and systems to manage their organization, interact with customers, and handle automation. Most manufacturers are no strangers to automation, and some have even turned to the use of robots for collaborative tasks.


AI is the power behind what are called “cobots,” or robots using smart software to work alongside their human coworkers. Over 40% of manufacturers use this technology rather than outright replacing their workers. This makes the cobots more affordable than your typical robots that replace human workers.

The Internet of Things

The IoT has brought about significant change in the manufacturing industry. With sensors that are designed to provide insight into operations, manufacturers can take part in predictive maintenance, i.e. replacing parts before they become faulty or impact operations in a significant way. This type of preventative maintenance has cut down maintenance costs by up to 25%. In comparison to the downtime caused by such operational challenges, the investment in these devices is almost trivial.

Machine Vision

AI can also be used for machine vision in manufacturing, a process that lets companies automate their quality control processes from end to end. In short, it gives manufacturers the ability to run their operations more quickly than if they were to rely on people to check every point of the quality control process. Machine vision can help to detect abnormalities or issues related to quality control, allowing companies to achieve the level of quality they want at a lower cost.

Technology is important for any successful business, but the right technology can help your company expand and innovate in ways you could never have imagined. To get started today, reach out to bSmart Services LLC at (561) 708-5359.

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