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Avoiding Major IT Problems Can Shift Your Business’ Fortunes

One of the biggest letdowns a business can have is when its IT malfunctions, rendering its operations interrupted. Nowadays, there are plenty of actions you can take to ensure that you are in the best position to avoid such occurrences from happening. Let’s go through a few practices that circumvent technology problems and will put your business on the path to productivity.

Only Functioning IT Works For You

Unfortunately, technology malfunctions aren’t exactly a rarity. In fact, one poll suggests that the average U.S. office worker wastes around 20 minutes a day with some type of technology issue. While a lot of that time can be accounted for by people surfing the Internet and social media on their phones, some of it is because the technology the business uses is simply not functioning properly.

In order to ensure that your staff is dealing with the greatest degree of uptime, you need to proactively manage your IT in a way that makes that possible. To do this you need to consistently monitor your technology and network. This will give you the best chance to catch inefficiencies and other issues with your technology before they can be productivity-sapping problems.

Stay on Top of Your Software

Software is the lifeblood of your business and if you have problems with it, it can cause a lot worse than a little interruption. The problem is that there is a lot of software. The average business uses between 20 and 800 applications depending on their size, and most of them require regular patches and updates to be effective and secure.

Much of your cybersecurity defense is highly dependent on software as well. This means that if you don’t make an active effort to update and patch your software, you could be leaving critical holes in your business’ network that, if exploited, could really be a major headache. At bSmart, we can help you manage all of your organizational software from procuring and maintaining licenses, to SaaS procurement, to patch management.

Redundancy Doesn’t Always Mean Waste

A lot of time when people say that something with your business is redundant, it’s a bad thing. Usually, it means that you are wasting time and resources. When your organizational data is redundant, however, it means that you are protected, especially if you have strategic redundancy that allows data and application restoration should something negative happen to your business’ technology.

There are countless problems that could put your company’s data at risk. Cybercrime, component failure, natural disaster, and many more can put your business behind the eight ball pretty quickly. If you have a comprehensive backup system in place, like the BDR service we offer at bSmart, you not only have onsite restoration capabilities, you have cloud-based backups there if something happens to your business’ servers. By having multiple ways of restoring your data, you gain the peace of mind that your business won’t be in trouble if something extraordinarily bad happens to it.

At bSmart, we can help you set up a strategy to protect your business, support your technology, and even train your staff on the best practices of managing, maintaining, and securing your IT. If you would like to learn more, contact us at (561) 708-5359 today.

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