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AI is Being Researched in Wearable Health Devices

We might place the onus on business technology solutions on this blog, but once in a while we like to talk about technology that is just plain cool. Today is one of those days. With this new wearable utilizing artificial intelligence technology, you can monitor your health, making for a very interesting application of the technology.

Let’s examine this developing technology and how it might be applicable to the business world.

Health Monitors? In Adhesive Patches?

At the University of Chicago, Assistant Professor Sihong Wang (the same who was recently named one of MIT’s 35 Innovators Under 35 in 2020) of the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering leads a team looking into developing a chip that collects data from biosensors. The neat thing is that this chip uses machine learning to draw conclusions about the wearer’s health. It sticks to the skin like a sticker using flexible polymers.

As Wang puts it, “With this work we’ve bridged wearable technology with artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a powerful device which can analyze health data right on our own bodies.”

If their work takes off, as it appears to be, this could mean that wearable biosensors could be available to help people manage their health, as well as to keep track of important biometrics like blood sugar and oxygen levels. So far, the team behind this technology has proven that it can track electrocardiogram data, so you shouldn’t discredit this technology’s potential.

But, of course, any medical data like this when combined with technology solutions opens up a whole other can of worms where privacy and security are concerned.

The Business Ramifications Could Be Considerable

The type of chip outlined above might have limited functionality in the office environment, but it does serve as an example of how artificial intelligence can automate tasks and data collection to assist in workflow automation. One way you can do this is with proactive technology solutions that automatically monitor your systems for any signs of degradation or security discrepancies. In short, the technology outlined above might help you take proactive steps with your health, but we can help your business use AI to proactively address issues with your IT.

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