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Tip of the Week: Disable Calling from Wi-Fi on Your Android Device

If you are an Android user, you may have noticed the Wi-Fi calling option you get when you receive or make a call while connected to a network. It might be a great tool at your disposal if you suddenly find yourself without cell service, but there are situations where you might not want Wi-Fi calling enabled.

Why Would You Disable Wi-Fi Calling?

Sure, there are times when you might like to use your Wi-Fi for calling, like if you’re buffering a long video or downloading something on the larger side, but on the other hand, a slow Wi-Fi connection will mean choppy and unpleasant phone calls. Plus, the connection might not be secure if it’s done over your Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes it’s just plain better to use your mobile data over the alternative.

Let’s discuss how you can disable Wi-Fi calling on your Android smartphone. While these setting names might vary with your operating system, they should be generally about the same, at least mostly.

How to Disable Your Wi-Fi Calling

If you just want to disable your Wi-Fi quickly, you can do so by going to your Settings app and navigating to your Wi-Fi & Network options. Once you are here, select SIM & Network. Select your SIM Card, turn off your Wi-Fi calling, and slide the slider to the Off position. This will disable your Wi-Fi calling on your Android smartphone.

If you need to disable your Wi-Fi calling in a pinch, you can do so from the call menu by tapping the button for Wi-Fi calling right from the menu. This should hopefully make sure that your call quality remains uncompromised.

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