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How Smart Gadgets Bring Benefits to Your Organization

Smart devices of all types are constantly being introduced to consumer markets. People are finding that some of these devices are making it much easier to track and manage their lives. When considering whether or not these smart gadgets are useful for your growing business, you have to consider two factors: Security and reliability.

Are Smart Gadgets Secure Enough?

One of the biggest problems businesses face when they are looking to add to their IT is whether the solutions they plan on integrating carry with them the security they need to protect their network and infrastructure. After all, security and data breaches can be simply devastating to a business and its reputation.

On this front, there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that developers of the types of devices that a business would implement take security very seriously. The bad news is that any organizations looking to implement these technologies should seriously consider partitioning their networks to mitigate risk. Unfortunately, most smart devices are developed with ease-of-use as the priority. Systems that promote ease-of-use are notoriously difficult to secure.

What Kind of Smart Gadgets are There for Business?

From smartphones to automated inventory control systems, to simple smart locks for doors, the IoT can bring a lot of value. For the business that is looking to utilize these Internet of Things devices to help them automate some parts of their business, there are three major avenues that are being developed right now. They are:

Devices that Help Manage Physical Security

Probably the arena where the IoT is used most by businesses is in managing their security. Every element of their business’ physical security can be controlled remotely nowadays; and with the advent of smart locking and secure authentication systems that require the use of a user’s mobile device to authorize their access to doors and computing systems, the modern business can get much more secure using IoT devices.

Devices that Help Control HVAC and Electricity Costs

Utility costs can really have an effect on a business. If costs are higher than normal, it can really make it difficult to earmark money for other revenue-generating endeavors. With IoT-fueled smart systems, a business can not only set the temperature and electricity usage remotely, today’s devices use machine learning technology to help automate these tasks and create an optimal setup to keep your business from paying more in utility costs

Devices that Improve Productivity

It’s pretty obvious that IoT devices like the smartphone can help people be more productive. Whether they do or not is a discussion for another time. With IoT systems implemented, businesses can automate so much that they used to have to do that they can see productivity rise exponentially. One tool that has started to become en vogue in offices is the smart speaker. Since the smart speaker can take voice commands and link with a worker’s profile, it can make scheduling and other aspects of the job easier. Smart systems may be new, but they are getting more and more dynamic by the day. If you would like to have a conversation about how to integrate the IoT into your business without exposing your business to risk, give the experts at bSmart Services LLC a call today at (561) 708-5359.

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